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Security Camera Systems

We specialize in Security Camera Systems for commercial or residential applications with the best Facial Recognition, License Plate Recognition Camera software in the industry.

Type of system: Analog or IP Cameras?
Analog cameras are really only relevant if you own a legacy system. Technology has advanced far past analog with the introduction of IP (Internet Protocol) cameras. Paired with an NVR (Network Video Recorder) and a powerful hard drive, IP cameras provide higher resolutions and advanced analytics.

Analog Camera Systems
Analog systems are also complex to install. They use two cables, one each for video and power (known as BNC). This means that In order to properly power the system, you must install a power distribution box. Power distribution boxes are complex like wiring a fuse box and you will likely need the services of a licensed electrician.

IP (Internet Protocol) Camera Systems
IP systems outperform Analog systems because the cameras have their own processors, making them true digital cameras. Digital cameras can run advanced video analytics and provide higher resolutions. IP systems are also significantly easier to install since they just use one cable to transmit both data and power (known as “PoE” or “Power over Ethernet”). On average, installation is 60% of the cost of a system. A system you can install yourself can mean significant savings.

Manufacturers Customer support is 100% free. 100% of the time. Give us a call with any question regarding your equipment or installation and find out why we are the Gold standard in our industry.

3 Year Warranty
Our Manufacturer stands behind their products. That’s why they offer an industry-leading 3 year warranty on all of our security cameras and recorders.

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