Mechanic's Garage/Car Repair Shop

When it comes to security camera systems, mechanics have a lot to think about including worker productivity, customers wait times for the sales office, and preventing theft or damage to the vehicles.

Goals: One of goal of this surveillance system is to monitor access to the property - especially after hours - in order to reduce theft of customer vehicles on both the inside and outside parking and reduce theft of expensive tools and equipment. Secondly, there's some objectives related to business operations, such as of management being able to monitoring the productivity of staff, especially when the owner is away, and for the sales staff to be notified of customers entering the sales office or conference room. Lastly, it is very important that there are images of the cars on the lifts, as they are worked on, to reduce liability and complaints that they car was damaged by the workers. In the case that a vehicle was damaged while on location, the employee needs to be identified.

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